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#Newsletter 10

In eShip Newsletter 10 you will be able to: See our new “eShip market Trend Monitor” about IMO decarbonisation targets;Check out our new testimony of eShip project from Richard Stokes, CFO at SACONSULT;View that eShip was mentioned at Revista Cargo;Check…

Trend Monitor

eShip Market Trend Monitor

The urgent need to fulfill IMO decarbonisation targets introduces a new layer of costs given the need to put in place compliance measures. Climate change mandates must be adhered to over relatively short time frames. The race to embrace new…

Richard Stokes

eShip Testimony

According to Richard Stokes, CFO at SACONSULT "eShip's digital innovations are transforming fragmented, disparate marine business practices into a single, cohesive process that unifies all supply chain players."

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