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ship eShip A collaborative platform for tramp shipping Learn More bg_bulk The tramp market represents around 65% of the global maritime transport volume, which equates to around 8 billion tonnes per year. Learn more Tramp Market bg_code eShip is the first truly collaborative platform in the tramp shipping market and, accordingly, will seek digital, transformative partnerships with like-minded industry players, where consensual yet innovative dialogue can accelerate the transition to green shipping by unleashing the power of emerging technologies. Learn More Collaboration is shaping
the Shipping Industry


eShip is a truly collaborative digital platform that binds together all stakeholders in a single, dynamic ecosystem that unifies all the “moving parts” belonging to the chartering process.


eShip is a third-generation chartering application, initially developed at the behest of Yara and other North European charterers and operators, that applies state-of-the-art ICT tools to the traditional chartering process in tramp shipping.

Reduction of back-office expenses through the automation of information heavy procedures during the chartering process
Optimisation of freight rates through the intelligent matching of ships and cargoes
Transition to green shipping
Optimisation of the entire value chain through business intelligence and business analytics
Seamless integration with existing management systems, particularly ERPs, transport management systems and port community systems

The eShip Solution is:




– by means of a flexible, independent and scalable logistics platform that digitalises the entire chartering process, unlocking significant efficiency gains for all players.



eShip believes that transformation is not about data per se, but rather the value proposition that can be generated through greater levels of integration.

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