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Trend from Posidonia Shipping Week

Eating The Elephant

What is a Digital Transformation in Maritime? Ninety Percent of Everything: people, value and benefits, lock in risk, data migration, adoption, time, data security, right scoope, change management, complience, cost. business impact, scalable, between others.

eShip team had a pleasure to attend a very insightful seminar “Eating the Elephant – Digital Transformation in Maritime” sponsored by ADMIRALTY(UK Hydrographic Office) at Posidonia Shipping Week, Atenes (Greece).

In this lecture were present: Richard Buckley (Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE)), Bill Dobie (SEDNA), Barry Authers (Veracity by DNV), Karan Bhawsinka (DTN´) and Nikos Stefanis (Kongsberg Digital)

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