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The eShip project is led by Marloconsult, a Portuguese-Norwegian consultancy and software developer. It represents an important step in Marloconsult’s quest to digitize the entire multimodal transport chain, having strong synergies with its award-winning solution MXMOVEMATCH and with its role in the development of Portugal’s pioneering Single Logistics Window (JUL). The other promoters are Saconsult, VT Mar, ENIDH (Portugal’s merchant marine academy) and the Reykjavik University, Iceland.


Marlo is a Norwegian-Portuguese company specialising in IT solutions and technology transfer in the maritime and transport sector with operations in more than 20 countries. Recently recognized by the European Commission for its “Best European Innovation in the area of IT.” Strong experience in developing exploitation strategies out of research and innovation projects.



Saconsult provides strategic and financial consultancy services for the creation and expansion of new projects. In the maritime sector, Saconsult has been engaged over the years in a wide range of projects in various fields, including port planning and development, ship designs and construction, container and bulk transport logistics and systems development.


VTMar is an information and consulting services company and a provider of external marketing intelligence, specialising in the maritime sector. Our research team focuses on providing market-specific advisory support, notably for market entry and assisting businesses in mitigating risks and implementing strategic decisions with special attention to corporate image, communication and dissemination,


ENIDH (Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique) is a centre of creation, dissemination and transmission of culture, science and technology, linking their activities in the fields of educational, vocational training, research and the provision of services to the community, both at national and international levels, with a view to enhancing technical knowledge, thus participating in society-related activities, in particular for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge.


Reykjavik University

Reykjavik University’s School of Technology emphasises quality of teaching and the balance between a strong theoretical foundation and applied knowledge of the latest technologies and methods. It has active research groups on distributed computing, indoor positioning and Internet of Things working on topics like Industrial Internet of Things, Smart City, decentralized supply chain management, and the security and privacy of devices and processes in this domain.

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