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eShip Case Study

eShip as an example of good practices of trinomial relationship between academy, society, and industries was presented by Luís Filipe Baptista president of Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique , Manuela Batista & Fernando Cruz Gonçalves this week at the launch of the book at Nautica…

EShip Trend Monitor

eShip Market Trend Monitor

The level of freight rates being recorded in the dry bulk market are a reflection of the balance between cargo demand and suitable vessels’ availability existing in a particular geographical area at any one time.


eShips’ Ideas

eShip has unique cargo - ship matching capability and follow-through fixture transactional capability, sitting alongside its ability to cater to all the data requirements that go throughout a complete voyage. Photo: Unsplash


eShip in Press

EEA GRANTS International Conference on Marine Simulator Training and Sustainable Shipping

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