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Bulk News

Harren Bulkers expands commercial activities

Bremen-based ship-owning and management company Harren Bulkers, a member of the Harren Group, has announced a further expansion of its service portfolio with the foundation of a new commercial entity. Harren Bulkers effectively manages the group’s fleet of modern bulk…

ESG Metrics

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)

Is an operational measure of how efficiently a vessel transports its cargo, essentially in grams of Co2 emitted by (i) cargo-carrying capacity and (ii) nautical mile. The CII calculation is essentially more straightforward, albeit more complex when it comes to…

Trend Monitor

Trends From Posidonia

Ship-to-shore today has far greater visibility, as autonomous vessel adoption sets its sights on 2035 (common view), triggered by data now available onshore. Currently vessel data is drawn off by the office, where the mainstream decisions and optimisations are decided…

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