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First LPG Dual-Fuel VLGC For Astomos Named “Lupinus Planet”

On September 2, a naming ceremony was held at Sakaide Works of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. for a new VLGC (very large gas carrier) that NYK will charter to Astomos Energy Corporation, the world’s pre-eminent liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company.…

ESG Metrics

Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for New Ships

During the MEPC 62 (July 2011), the IMO adopted the Energy efficiency design index for new ships which establishes an energy efficiency identity for all the new-built ships since 2013. The IMO utilises a specific formula that estimates the CO2…

Trend Monitor

Trends From Posidonia

Drivers for digitalisation in shipping:(1) Decarbonisation is driving both regulatory as well as non-regulatory issues;(2) the Sea Cargo Charter and Poseidon Principles are equally a driver of digitalisation, together with the need to overcome supply chain inefficiencies;(3) there is a…

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