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Did You Know?

Did You Know

Did you know that rates for Capezise ships, the largets category of dry bulk carrier, are 6 times higher than one year ago (when they where very depressed)? Photo: iStock

Post Evento

Webinar Digital Transition

In the scope of the eShip project, in partnership with ENIDH, it was lauched day 6 of May the Webinar - Digital Transition in Shipping. Thank you to everyone involved in the Webinar, the webinar is online, consult it through the…

Helena Vieira

eShip Testimony

According to Helena Vieira, General Director of Maritime Policy at DGPM - Direção-Geral de Política do Mar, "The Shipping Industry is a major source of Greenhouse gas emissions but with digital transformation, shipping companies are switching from traditional way of…


eShip in press

ENIDH confident in achieving «relevant results» on eShip and maritime simulators. eShip at Revista Cargo Source:

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