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Trends From Posidonia

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Shipping companies need to understand the agile process involved in the purchasing process. This calls for a 2-way collaboration and the shipping company needs to understand how to “progressively adopt” any solution in stages. At the same time the end user – shipping company needs time to initially learn and understand how the digital solution works, so allowing it to subsequently realise the value – stage-by-stage, via collaboration, a partnership, a journey effectively. COLLABORATION is absolutely key; it is chaotic now and will become even more chaotic in the future, what with all the different data structures.

Trend learned at seminar “Eating the Elephant – Digital Transformation in Maritime” sponsored by ADMIRALTY(UK Hydrographic Office) at Posidonia Shipping Week, Atenes (Greece).

With Richard Buckley (Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE)), Bill Dobie (SEDNA), Barry Authers (Veracity by DNV), Karan Bhawsinka (DTN) and Nikos Stefanis (Kongsberg Digital) as speakers.

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