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Trends From Posidonia

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Drivers for digitalisation in shipping:
(1) Decarbonisation is driving both regulatory as well as non-regulatory issues;
(2) the Sea Cargo Charter and Poseidon Principles are equally a driver of digitalisation, together with the need to overcome supply chain inefficiencies;
(3) there is a need to have a complete overview of the industry and its compliance mandates and safety regulations.

Trend learned at seminar “Eating the Elephant – Digital Transformation in Maritime” sponsored by ADMIRALTY(UK Hydrographic Office) at Posidonia Shipping Week, Atenes (Greece).

With Richard Buckley (Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE)), Bill Dobie (SEDNA), Barry Authers (Veracity by DNV), Karan Bhawsinka (DTN) and Nikos Stefanis (Kongsberg Digital) as speakers.

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