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Indeed, the human element is perhaps the most important aspect, along with the cultural impact. In fact, a “useful rule of thumb” is that it is the HUMAN ELEMENT that is the MOST CRITICAL ASPECT. This is ALWAYS the case. While AI and IT in shipping need to have a relationship with each other, HUMAN CONTACT needs to be PRIORITISED way ahead of all the other technologies. COLLABORATION at every level creates efficiencies by setting up people / teams of people, to work together more closely.

Trend learned at seminar “Eating the Elephant – Digital Transformation in Maritime” sponsored by ADMIRALTY(UK Hydrographic Office) at Posidonia Shipping Week, Atenes (Greece).

With Richard Buckley (Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE)), Bill Dobie (SEDNA), Barry Authers (Veracity by DNV), Karan Bhawsinka (DTN) and Nikos Stefanis (Kongsberg Digital) as speakers.

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