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Ship-to-shore today has far greater visibility, as autonomous vessel adoption sets its sights on 2035 (common view), triggered by data now available onshore. Currently vessel data is drawn off by the office, where the mainstream decisions and optimisations are decided upon. New IT can readily change this decision-making process, indeed totally reverse it given time. There are multiples of knowledge at sea, meaning that there is no longer the need for instruction from the shore to the ship, as the latter can now extract more value through greater connectivity, so pioneering its own decision-making processes.

Trend learned at seminar “Eating the Elephant – Digital Transformation in Maritime” sponsored by ADMIRALTY(UK Hydrographic Office) at Posidonia Shipping Week, Atenes (Greece).

With Richard Buckley (Ninety Percent of Everything (90POE)), Bill Dobie (SEDNA), Barry Authers (Veracity by DNV), Karan Bhawsinka (DTN) and Nikos Stefanis (Kongsberg Digital) as speakers.

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